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I want to shout it out loud: AHH!!!

One of the greatest pleasures in life is accomplishing what others claim is impossible. Don’t let a few negative remarks from others cause you to underestimate your abilities. Don’t let a minor misstep deter you from the journey ahead. Even when there is no one to give you a round of applause, you should still have the confidence to applaud yourself. Because you put in your best effort to succeed.

What others think of you is inconsequential. Each person’s future is shaped by their own beliefs and attitudes. Whether one is profound or shallow, diligent or lazy, a winner or a loser – all of these traits stem from one’s perspective. Once you have the proper outlook, everything becomes simpler. I am aware of my identity and my purpose in life, so I will lead a purposeful and fulfilling existence, free of regrets.

tamga why


Start with the question why?
Why do I have to do this work?
Why can’t I get away from you?
Why do I have to live meaningfully?
Why do I have to listen to what you share?

tamga why


Take a minute to think about why?
Why did I become this person?
Why don’t I have any free time?
Why do I have to run after money?
Why don’t I have any close friends?

tamga why


Be careful when resolving the problem!
I want to have a confidant.
I need a truly peaceful space.
I want to stop and end everything.
I need to stand up and get away from here.

xu huong tim kiem

What trends are looking?

Life is fleeting and we only have one chance to live it, so let’s not squander it. Don’t be afraid to be yourself or worry about others’ opinions. Don’t hide your affection.

Express your love to those around you. Utter the kindest words you can imagine, now while you still have the chance. Don’t hold back declarations of love, once you have crossed to the other side of life.

Why not strive to better yourself and attract others, instead of chasing after them? As you age, you’ll come to understand that the right and wrong of arguments with others may become less relevant. What is important is peace and contentment.

Embrace life, become whoever you want to be, regardless of what others may say. Don’t compare yourself to others. Because each of us, is unique and special among the over 8 billion people on this earth.

Let’s move forward with determination!

A dream without action is just a pipe dream. In today’s world, poverty is often a result of laziness. Indolence is like a creeping vine, it quickly takes root and confines you to one place.

Lazy individuals never enjoy stability or a bright future. Success is not attainable by the lazy, and their lack of ambition leaves no mark on the path to success.

The challenge you face is of your own choosing. The people who cause you pain are allowed by you. Words of comfort are just empty words. Don’t depend on others, focus on improving yourself. You were born as an original, don’t die as a copy.

In the past, the average person’s failure was due to laziness, while the failure of the talented was due to arrogance. Reflect on your actions daily, in three ways. Are you serving others with a good heart? Are you keeping your promises to friends? Are you applying the knowledge your teacher imparted to you?

hay truyen dong luc
hay suy nghi

Think about your job?

The Intertwining of Pressure and Motivation. It’s a common belief that pressure spurs motivation. But it’s important to remember that work should not consume one’s life. The wealthy don’t work solely for the sake of money, they work for opportunities that money can bring. Truth can often be shrouded by the influence of wealth.

Money can bring about a sense of comfort, but it can also cause one to lose touch with their true self. On the flip side, a lack of money can result in being forgotten by the world. To attain wealth, it’s not only necessary to learn how to make money but also to know how to manage it wisely.

Pursuing passions often leads to financial success, as doors to new opportunities open up and work becomes enjoyable. Spending should always be done within one’s means and saving should be prioritized over spending.

Money can be earned in various ways, but lost friendships cannot be regained and will be regretted in hindsight. True friendship cannot be bought with money, it stems from mutual sincerity. Those who use money to gain friendships are not worth one’s time. It’s important to be judicious in one’s social interactions.

Let me understand you!

Success attracts envy, desperation fuels greed, and wisdom can breed destruction. Remember, when you are on top, your true friends will stand by you. But when you face obstacles, it is then that you will know who your true allies are.

When you have wealth, steer clear of those who are indifferent. Avoid association with the lazy and the untrustworthy. Keep your distance from the arrogant and the overly ambitious.

And when fortune turns against you, don’t rely on those who belittle you. Don’t seek comfort from those who don’t understand. Don’t beg from the wealthy or from those in the same predicament. Don’t grovel to those who hold power over you. When you have nothing, even those closest to you may look down upon you.

Fate, wealth, relationships, intelligence. These are the realities of our society, but you must rely on yourself above all. Be true to yourself, whether you are rich or poor, smart or not, brother or sister. Forge bonds based on virtue and integrity, and live your life with purpose. The future is always uncertain, but the sky will always be yours.

hay de doi duoc hieu ban
hay lam viec thong minh

Let’s Work Smart!

Mediocrity is the only ordinary aspect of life, talent, on the other hand, has the potential to shine in any profession with investment and hard work. High or low, prestigious or humble, all professions are equal in their ability to flourish.

Stress, depression, anxiety and frustration are often the result of pursuing one thing while valuing another. Segregate work from play to avoid this pitfall.

With unwavering determination and set goals, your innate talent will take you to uncharted territories and leave you amazed. Don’t be afraid to start anew, for it’s a chance to mold your life into your desired vision.

Exhaustion dims the quality of your work and invites mistakes. At times, it may feel like you’ve hit a dead-end, but a positive attitude and smile can push you further than material possessions.

Elevate your energy levels to optimize your body’s functioning, leading to better well-being and the optimum utilization of your talents, producing exceptional results. Transform energy into action with the help of achievable goals.

Let’s check the inferences!

A past marred by blemishes is not easily erased. Despite what we have known, seen, or read, appearances can be deceiving. Don’t be fooled by the façade in front of you. Only those with a personal understanding of the difficulties can comprehend the struggles of those in the thick of it.

When in doubt, opt for honesty. The truth may not always present itself immediately, but it will eventually surface. The truth is not always as it appears. Maintain a clear distinction between truth and falsehood. If you remain truthful, the truth will resonate within you. If you resort to deceit, falsehood will be your only reward.

Do not partake in something unless you believe in it. Once you’ve made a decision, your belief must follow. In all things, a choice must be accompanied by conviction. Faith wields great power in our lives, and both victory and defeat are possible outcomes.

The more one strives to gain attention from others, the more they have to conceal what they wish to keep hidden. So, never let others in on your innermost thoughts and secrets. Prudent individuals understand the importance of keeping what needs to be hidden, hidden.

hay kiem tra cac suy luan
hay trao di yeu thuong

Let’s give love!

Remember, nothing is out of reach. When you face failure and the weight of a daunting task seems too much to bear, never forget that nothing is impossible. Embrace the challenge and strive to prepare for the best, even in the face of the worst.

To become a winner, you must first believe you can be. Challenge yourself daily by doing something you dislike, as practice is the key. Show kindness and support to those who have fallen, for the noblest of deeds is to help those in need.

Value each day by balancing work and leisure, making it both productive and enjoyable. By utilizing your time wisely, you will be remembered fondly by the young and will have few regrets in your old age. Life is a beautiful journey, and success is within reach.

Happiness is contagious, spread it far and wide. Share what you have, and you will be richly rewarded. The secret to finding happiness is to bring joy to others. Good health and peace of mind are life’s greatest treasures.

Let’s start the change!

Unavoidable events and challenges are a part of life. The key is to change your perspective and approach towards them. If you don’t like a situation, try to change it. If that’s not possible, change the way you view it.

Though today may be tough and tomorrow may bring more difficulties, eventually, everything will start to look beautiful. Don’t wish for a smooth sailing career, as obstacles are what fortify our willpower.

Some losses may fill us with regret for not cherishing them, but others may bring relief for freeing ourselves from something long overdue.

Success in this era lies in empowering others and making them better than yourself, not in proving your superiority. Instead of worrying about acquiring a certain status, focus on honing your skills and talent to uphold it.

hay bat dau thay doi
khong nghe khong thay khong biet khong noi

Please answer yourself!

Do not listen, do not see, do not speak, do not look. A person who speaks less is not a person who speaks less, but should not speak what is useless.

The concept of “Tâm Viên Ý Mã” (心猿意馬 – Xinyuanyima) in the philosophy of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism of the Tống Nho sect refers to the uncertain mind of human nature, which means that human minds are often agitated and easily lose control, and the minds of living beings are also often directed towards the external environment, thereby raising the training of Calm Mind.

Japanese people have a deeper meaning, they want: “Close your eyes to use your mind to see. Close your ears to use your mind to listen. Close your mouth to use your mind to speak.” When the mind is in a calm state, not disturbed by bad things seen by the eyes, heard by the ears, spoken by the mouth, then self-cultivating the mind generates Good things.

In the lives of each person, we often have to witness bad things, wrong things, bad influences. If everyone only has the attitude of “do not see, do not hear, do not speak”, then where will society, community, family and each person’s life go? If we always “close our ears, close our eyes, close our mouth” like this, does life still have any meaning?

Patience, successful new job!

They say that a piece of cheese is only found on a mouse trap.
You see! Life is short, happy for a day, sad for a day.
Therefore, one cannot take all their money with them when they die.
So why? Should we make our own lives sink into darkness.
Let’s smile and always keep our faces facing the sun, and the darkness will be behind us.
I am Mr. Tâm Pacific, and I have decided to leave the past behind and live for the future.

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