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Have you ever asked yourself? Why do we have to work so much? Why don’t we rest and relax?

I also started thinking like you are considering. When we get immersed in our work, spending all our precious time working and working, but that’s not good at all!

We are not money machines. We have a right to play and entertainment. We have the right to satisfy our desires and conquer new things in this life.

So, plan and prepare enough money to clear your mind well. Do not indulge too much in one thing if you are not healthy and do not have the patience for the upcoming time.

We never give up.

Successful people are not without fail, but in how we get up every time we fall.

Life always has many things going wrong; we can’t avoid it; the only thing you can do is change your perspective.

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, and it comes from trying to overcome what you thought you couldn’t.


1. Facing the real situation

2. Search and listen to feedback

3. Say what needs to be said

4. Always respect the views of others

5. Don’t ignore performance problems

6. Regularly communicate openly

7. Leading the change

8. Make a decision and move forward

10. Responsible

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