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Mr. Tam learns from Mengde when sharing about Failure

MONEY is not everything, and MIND is everything. No matter how you make MONEY, no matter what you make MONEY, there are two things to keep in mind.

Let the HEART be always at peace, and the BODY must always be at peace. Money is the means, not the end of life.

Knowing how to use money will help you advance—having money, feeling happy like a fairy. Try to keep your cash, and you’re mean. Lack of money, the house also has to send.

If you don’t know who you are, you will die. If you don’t learn from others, your head will be dark. If you don’t help people in need, you’re a terrible person. If you don’t do good, you can lose everything.

Don’t defy everything, but sell yourself cheaply for MONEY. You can do anything, as long as your SOUL is always at peace.

Do anything, as long as the BODY is always at ease. Just because you have money today does not mean that you will be rich all your life. But if you have HEART, you will succeed!

P/S: Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Tâm is still healthy and has returned to another job. I just closed this scene. Another door opened just in time.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has Shared, Liked, shared, and encouraged Mr. Tâm over the past time.

Building a career is not simply an overnight thing, but failure without being discouraged is masculinity and heroism.

Whenever I fail to do something, I also sit and watch the clip of Cao Cao in the Three Kingdoms of Dien Nghia sharing this—wishing everyone happiness and peace.

Excerption saying in the movie Three Kingdoms

Cry what! We are a man, a famous tiger general. You are shedding blood, not tears. Winning or losing is a common thing for soldiers. Don’t you listen to what I say? Let’s beat the drums.

Prime Minister, 3000 brothers of Mo General all, died. I blame them, and I blame the prime minister.

Aren’t you still alive? Survivors, we can dream and laugh and wake up. How can 3000 people die? I give you 30,000 troops. Smile !!! Hit the drums.

Being a general is like being a doctor. The more people a doctor can treat, the better his medical skills will be. In other words, the more people treat the dead, the better the medical technique.

A champion, if he has not experienced a few defeats, how will he know how to win. There has never been a general in this world who won a hundred battles and won, only defeat but not be discouraged. The more you lose, the braver you are, until the end is the winner.

We brought 830,000 significant troops to conquer the South, but we lost to Ton Luu with 5 or 6 thousand soldiers. Why? We see the most fundamental reason is that in recent years we have won too many.

The army called the generals disorderly, the literature was ignorant, and the martial arts were innocent; the enemy was arrogant. But primarily we day and night, a ruse to use troops in a brief battle without even realizing it, so that the East Ngo side had many fire attacks.

From that show, it’s time for us to accept such a failure. Failure is a good thing; failure can teach us how to be successful. Failure can teach us how to win. Failure can lead us to how to win the world.

People who want to become a great career must know how to grasp; then, they must let go. In the same way, you can accept victory and accept defeat.

Although we have suffered heavy losses in Chich Bich, our foundation is still there. Under Heaven, we are still holding. Thanh U Tinh Kiet. We have Thanh Tri, Binh Ma, Dan, To Tax, many times more than Ton Quyen and Luu Bei.

The court is still in Xuchang, still in our hands. In contrast, Ton Quyen and Liu Bei did not. In times of danger, we will also form a team, together with our opponents will fight each other until victory, fight each other, and doubt each other.

For example, if Chau Du and Zhuge Liang can agree and work together, then in O Lam, how can we escape the encirclement.

Are you saying it? Ton Luu has two houses, so it is now, the conflict deepened. In short, they will sooner or later split; sooner or later, they will LOSE.

Source: Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Tâm

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