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Mr. Tam Pacific, I Apologize to you. It’s my fault

Over three years of working, I have selected and selected many good brothers to work directly with me. Together with us, we build the system to thrive until today.

But due to a lot of things happening at once. Currently, I have officially run out of money in reserve after completing the salary paid according to the agreed policy for so long.

So right at this present moment! I am very discouraged and feel hopeless after a long time of dedication, and I feel helpless when I can no longer keep the other brothers with me. Talent and Strength I see myself, I am fragile and have not done enough of the responsibilities of a business team leader during the past time.

A leader who does not dare to admit his mistakes is not a leader of a loyal team of brothers. Since we joined the same team, I know I’ve been swimming with my colleague for a long time. Let’s soak in the rain and relax in the sun to find talent and customers.

Everything I planned, there was also a time and a plan drawn up very carefully and accomplished everything. (WHY? HOW? WHAT?). From detailed business plans to how to go from toddler to today? All have mapped out the right long-term path after that. But.

I do not count as heaven. Please officially send many apologies to the married brothers, whose husbands have wives and children, who have spent three years following me. Let’s hold hands together to overcome many storms on the past thorny road. But now that I’m exhausted, the ship I’ve driven is no longer strong enough.

Mr. Tam Pacific, I Apologize to you. It’s my fault.

When I wrote this Sorry post, I was crying a lot. It was a huge separation. A business team from 3 people, growing to 10 participating members. All kinds of members of society.

From the shipper was released from prison. From a little sister in the remote countryside, she voluntarily ran to follow and follow Tâm, or just like a student who had just graduated from a training course. From a village brother who knows nothing about business, he accepts to sacrifice himself to train from A to Z.

All that time, I remember and engrave in my heart. It was a wonderful time, very pure and very innocent. It is a time when many brothers have given up their youth, spent precious time with their families, given up all family work to follow them through their current travel career.

Now, this is a challenging time; almost many brothers working in the tourism industry have had to declare bankruptcy, and hotel restaurant brothers are also crazy about their services. That is the rule of survival. Whoever is vital will be the winner. But the important thing is that the talent and effort we have trained for many years are gone forever.

Personnel who go or stay are in the military. But in the future, I don’t want to keep my good friends forever. If you have accepted, I will never hold you back. Because I know other environments will be better than this harsh environment. I see the future of young people is still very bright. So go ahead and take your wings to fly on the path you have chosen.

We have been traveling on the same cruiser for more than three years. And this is the most suitable time for you to move on to the path of life ahead. Continue to develop yourself, and allow yourself to try and learn in a new, more dynamic environment. Don’t stop, then when you look back, you will regret what you did not experience.

My name is Nguyen Thanh Tam

Nickname Tam Pacific Travel

I posted this at 11:36 am

February 28, 2020

Please officially close my working process at this time. Thank you very much, and I apologize to the travel team who have accompanied me. Thank you, everyone, for your interest.

Officially unemployed and starting over again. My future and my fate will be decided by myself, the arduous road ahead. There will be a lot of ups and downs for sure.


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