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That’s life! Would you please respect

Yesterday, I went to visit many places in Hanoi. See the photos in a specific cafe. I was about to take a quick shot, but at that time, a wind blew, making me cringe.

After that, go to the shore of Hoan Kiem Lake to continue walking. Again met a cat playing with a tiny little mouse.

Hastily took out his phone to record a clip of why it was so coincidental. Who cares? Not yet, the mouse jumped into Sword Lake and disappeared. And the cat fell over. Rethink your life. Don’t know who I’m playing with like? What are those with power and status like?

I know that overnight, everything returned to normal, and I lived with myself again. So what is life like? Feeling fed up with the negativity that someone has for me. I am tired of what someone says about me. Praised, sometimes trampled, sometimes honored, sometimes!

If I were still contemporary, I would look at and rethink all the stories, then reflect and summarize my lessons, seeing that what I’m seeing is just a tiny part of the truth going on. Maybe a sinking part of that giant iceberg is lying deep below.

But the top is just sticking out to fascinate itself. I thought life was easy to eat, but it was not easy to eat at all—that life. So, to the present time. I think many people don’t know what I’m doing? Don’t know how to live?

I don’t know how I went up and down? But the truth is everyone knows it all!!! It’s just that they don’t tell me, don’t show me what’s wrong and which direction is good. Therefore, sometimes I accidentally hurt many good people who stood behind me on the front lines.

But. I’m still alive. And I’ve always been faithful to my nature. I’m not too fond of the exaggeration, don’t like the sweet, don’t like the beautiful words, don’t like the trickery in all things. Be true to yourself because that’s what makes life the most fun and light.

Life has a loan to pay. No matter how you live, you will meet the same person. A few lines of confidants, from time to time, emerge to share a few lines of confidence. I don’t know what you do? But your friend tells me what you do? The earth is monstrously round. Everywhere you go, you meet friends.

But sometimes, seeing people who are honest with their hearts, it is often easy to bring fame and accompanying Drama surrounds. But I wouldn’t say I like to enter the world of Showbiz. I was hoping you could give me a peaceful sleep and a silence for this life.

Don’t use your tongue to seduce people. Then tomorrow, people will no longer respect you. Don’t put all the blame on someone. Then, at some point, everyone will blame you before living well before, how dear brothers and sisters, then live like that.

Birds of a feather flock together. People, who talk about morality don’t know how to live well or not? So now we stop talking about Taoism together. Probably. Should tell the truth, do the fact, live It’s okay.

Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Tâm
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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