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We work for money and still don’t have a salary day?

When people are working part-time outside, or brothers and sisters are working at the office or doing jobs at companies big or small. What will people expect?

A condition often occurs at the end of the month or in the middle of the month. There may begin to be cases of near exhaustion from material to mental work.

Did you see that? If the morale of each employee slowed down, it makes everything seem limited by the speed of work, which will hold everyone’s enthusiasm.

Maybe within the next 30 days. Employees who work suddenly receive an email message or a text message, or a light message saying “I’ll have you in a few days salary!!!” then obviously…

WE WORK FOR MONEY, but in the end, we still don’t have a SALARY DAY? There are so many families, relatives, and friends who have had to face difficulties.

Employees are looking forward to receiving that the end of the month will have Salary News or receive some light with This Month’s Salary.

But all will be extinguished from the glimmering eyes when the Accounting Department, to the Payroll Department, will inform you, just a few random words.

Hearing this shocking news, it seems that the whole world around you has almost wholly collapsed right before your eyes. However, luckily for you, there are still many other people who are still receiving their salary at that time.

It seems that 30 days have passed, no one in the company or even the employees themselves work outside in the sun, in the dark. Want to have money right now?

In the old days, when I hadn’t registered for Internet Banking. I was still excited and excited when I went to the Accounting Department to sign for that month’s payroll. When one hand receives the envelope in the other hand in the salary analysis, the heart is pleased.

After leaving the room to receive the salary, Tam Pacific was also excited when he rushed back to meet his wife or parents and immediately gave 50% of the new wage received immediately that afternoon.

Oh! What an absolute joy in my heart when the whole family, everyone, is happy for me. However, the opposite of that is a Disappointment evident on the employees’ faces when the Salary is Not Available.

Your working salary is significant!

Because Mr. Tam Pacific himself sees if the business wants to evaluate a specific employee’s ability or wants to assess the loyalty when devoting to a particular company.

Workers will have to think about wages. Because the salary is low, think right away that your ability is insufficient or too inadequate.

But, if the salary is high, it shows that your ability is good or too good. That makes it even more apparent, and you must do more and have to study and strengthen your capabilities even more.

You have to prove your ability by this month’s salary will be fixed compared to next month’s salary. The amount of money received this month is less than next month for sure if you try harder. You will receive more than the original salary.

If you work hard, your boss will see you more accurately and will pay you faster than the rest. In the past, when Tam Pacific has nicknamed Mr. Tam Ga.

I own websites specializing in programming, network administration, and the number of people accessing millions of people every month.

Then, thinking that I am talented, I can jump into big companies to work. My wish is to achieve a salary worthy of my ability at that time.

However, already the head of the business. No one doesn’t have a negative way of thinking in that: “He’s a fresh graduate, hire him to work internship work. You want to do something wrong, and your salary is also low. Because it doesn’t take effort to teach him from the beginning.

So, the money you receive is also one of the measures to evaluate your ability.

Money will be one of the catalysts and essential raw material for each of us. Money itself does not have sin at all, but it will turn the mind of every person who has not had money to misunderstand it due to the nature of money.

Self, without a life goal, you will certainly not be interested in your current job, and indeed. Money will never welcome you to it. As for those who determine their purpose shortly, they will make specific plans so that that money will come to you, naturally and as soon as possible.

Are you working hard to get paid late?

There is a straightforward example as follows: if Tam Pacific wants to have a Honda PCX motorcycle, then Tam will try to work and spend reasonably to own that PCX 150. But if you only dream of a bicycle, you can get a decent amount of money by purchasing a bike only.

Those who are more development-oriented will dream of a Mazda CX-5 car, so they must work hard to make that dream come true. Therefore, when Tam Pacific has bought the bike, I will buy a PCX 2-wheeler, and now I will spend money to buy a CX-5 four-wheeler from the moment I receive this salary.

I will re-plan my plans shortly to be motivated to buy what I want to have later. But there are already four wheels. Do you want to go back to riding a 2-wheeled motorbike, or go back to the beginning of a bicycle?

When the money is the yardstick and the balance for you to compare, it is almost right what you will realize later. You will lose the things that you want to do for the heart at this time. Earning money with the heart will bring you a worthy Vision later.

Never compare money with each other, so that when you suddenly realize, you see that your money is less than others, and see people earn more money than you, will make you sad and bored in your current job, making your salary later than this month. The mood at that time will not be happy at all!!!

However, Tam Pacific must also acknowledge his current point of view. His family still has to live, still have to eat every day, and still have to pay for many things related to his current life. Therefore, money is also significant to me.

Even though I want to forget about making money every day, but in the end, I still have to eat and lose sleep with the current cash. When the boss reports no salary, it affects all the existing plans that I am implementing and making it a reality later.

If you dare to confidently not make money necessary, then Tam is sure that you are telling lies, or you are too rich in cash, so there is no need to make money anymore. If Tam Pacific lets you swim in a large area by yourself and then enables you to make your own money at that time, will the money be in your eyes? Is it essential or not?

Payday is significant to me!

Tam Pacific does not know how rich people live? But all the people who work for hire and I want to get an accurate salary one day. For the most part, we still have to feed everyone else.

Even if you are alone, you still have to feed yourself. Even if you live with your wife and your child, you still have to support both of them. Even if you live with your small extended family, you still have to keep living with your father or mother.

Therefore, do not have the concept, I have Money, I live freely with the Money you have, without having to think about how you spend it later.

Myself. Today, I have completed registration for the service of receiving salary via Internet Banking. So at the end of every month, I look forward to the notification messages from that dear phone. Suddenly on the 15th of every month, I need to hear the headline from SMS to know that my mid-month salary has arrived.

Or, on the 25th of every month, I hear a headline from SMS that I know my salary from my online money-making job is back. Then on the last day of the month, i.e., the 30th or 31st of each month, I heard the headlines from SMS again, and then I saw that my salary in the second half of the month was enough. Then, my mood will be less sad when I do not hear a message, except for advertising messages from the network.

Sometimes, suddenly looking forward to one day receiving a salary. But listen to text messages, electricity, water, phone, internet, house, etc. It suddenly sent to you. Oh !!! Every once in a while, I get upset with my salary! Are you back or not?

Even sadder when I heard the news: “The salary is not available, or the salary is waiting for the boss to come back on a business trip, or this month the company is stuck in money, so there is no salary, guys, or even worse, the boss is gone. I’ve been working abroad for a month, wait for another month, the boss will come back and then count on me!“. And there are many similar sayings, and if you enter a specific company, it is clear that your salary is late.

Through this article, Mr. Tam Pacific hopes you don’t be discouraged when you hear the news that your salary has not returned. Just wait and expect your boss, because the boss himself will surely understand your problems at this time.

However, if your boss doesn’t understand your current economy, what about the Accounting department, Human Resources department, and other departments in the company. You can also share additional information with them. Who knows, those people can help you convey information to your boss.

Never embrace your current mood to affect your current job. Your work will be severely affected if, by the month, you do not receive a salary.

Source: Nguyễn Thanh Tâm
Nickname: Tâm Pacific

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