Excellence in Print: Inside the World’s Top Photo Lab

Excellence in Print: Inside the World's Top Photo Lab

In a world where digital screens are the norm, the allure of a tangible photograph can be profound.

The lab named the world’s best photo lab doesn’t just print images; it crafts masterpieces. But what sets it apart? I ventured to their factory to uncover the secrets behind their acclaimed prints.

My journey with technology has been a pendulum swing between admiration and indifference. While I marvel at the doors technology has opened, I often retreat to the solace found in time-honored methods. This dichotomy led me to explore the enigmatic world of printing – a subject that has long piqued my interest but remained unexplored until now.

My initial forays into printing were modest-local printers transferring my visions onto paper. As my career progressed, printing became a selective process, reserved for the eyes of collectors. That changed when a discerning collector sought a print with a distinct aura—the kind synonymous with the works sold at one of the most prestigious commercial galleries for photographic art.

It was at Lumas where the prints first caught my eye. Their lifelike vibrancy was unparalleled, standing out at every exhibition. This wasn’t just printing; it was an art form. Driven by curiosity, I inquired about their origin, and thus began my descent down the rabbit hole.

1. The Art of Creation

Witnessing the birth of these prints was akin to observing a technological marvel. If a homemade print is a landline, then these are the smartphone of imagery. The tour revealed a world where precision meets passion, and quality is not just a goal but a standard. This excellence is not just a claim; it’s backed by rigorous testing from independent entities, myself included.

2. The Genesis of a Masterpiece

Every masterpiece begins as a blank canvas—or in this case, a large sheet of premium paper. The choice of printing method, ink or laser exposure, sets the trajectory for the final product. For those seeking the zenith of black and white prints, the paper undergoes meticulous lab preparation. But it’s the UltraHD photo prints that truly shine. Utilizing solid-state laser technology, these prints boast unparalleled sharpness, depth, and color fidelity on Fuji Crystal DP Maxima paper. The result? Images that not only capture moments but also the essence of life itself.

The heart of the operation is a climate-controlled production hall, where consistency is king. For artists selling limited series, uniformity is paramount. This lab ensures that each print is a carbon copy of its siblings, maintaining the integrity of the series.

3. It’s All About Detail

At the heart of the lab’s success is a relentless commitment to consistency. Color charts accompany every large sheet to ensure uniformity across orders. This meticulous attention to detail is what elevates the lab’s prints above the rest. The lab’s unique ability to produce ultra-detailed images in custom sizes, up to 196 x 94 inches or 500 x 240 cm, is unparalleled. The Masterprint—a colossal single-piece print—embodies the pinnacle of their craft. The proprietary technology behind it is as guarded as the Coca-Cola formula, known only to a select few, ensuring that these prints remain in a league of their own.

4. Finishing: The Artisan’s Touch

The journey from print to art doesn’t end with the press. The mounting, sealing, and cutting processes are just precursors to the art of framing. The lab offers an array of framing options, utilizing the finest materials from Italy, Germany, and beyond. Over 30 different wood frames, along with metal and pop art options, are available to complement the print. Despite the technological advancements within the facility, the essence of handcrafting remains. Skilled artisans frame hundreds of images daily with remarkable precision, contributing to the longevity and intrinsic value of the final product.

5. Leaving The Facility

Ensuring that the art arrives in pristine condition is paramount. Each print is meticulously wrapped to withstand the rigors of shipping. Masterprints receive special attention, housed in fine art crates designed to protect these treasures. In the rare event of shipping damage, the lab’s robust quality control system guarantees a replacement, free of charge. This dedication to customer satisfaction is a testament to the lab’s reputation for excellence.

6. Closing Thoughts

My exploration of the lab was more than a tour; it was an insight into a world where technology and tradition converge to create timeless pieces. The lab’s ability to customize and innovate ensures that their prints not only capture moments but immortalize them. These prints are not mere products; they are legacies that will likely outlive their creators, standing as eternal testaments to the moments they encapsulate.

Author: Tam Pacific

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Excellence in Print: Inside the World’s Top Photo Lab
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