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Winter Storm Preparedness: Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm and Safe
You Can Apologize to the Victims of Online Exploitation Too!
Assessment of the emission of air pollutants and greenhouse gases in the flue gas from coal-fired power plants in Vietnam
Relationship between agricultural waste and greenhouse gases in Dong Thap Province
Some understandings and interpretations of the 1288 Bach Dang Victory from the geological-geomorphological and meteorological-hydrological perspectives
Examining nursing students’ perceptions of educational environment: Further validation of DREEM instrument
Knowledge of stroke prevention among hypertensive patients at Gia Loc district medical center in Hai Duong province in 2023
A Statistical Analysis of Vietnamese High School English Test Score Data
Teaching Metacognitive Strategies in Reading through CALLAto Non-English Major Students in a Vietnamese University
Using Social Network Analysis to Compare Vietnamese and Expatriate Teachers’ Interactions within Vietnam’s Growing International Schools
Circular Economy Models in Agriculturein Vietnam
Green Growth in Agriculture in Vietnam: Awareness and Strategy for Development
Wen Fang Mao Gender and Migration: Theoretical Approaches and Practical Issues
A Qualitative Study on Nutrition of Turkish Seafarers
Decision Support Systems: Usage And Applications In Logistics Services
Marine Accident Analysis by Using Pairwise Comparison
Operational Measures For Energy Efficiency In Shipping
Perceptions of Female and Male University Students on Sustainable Maritime Development Concept
Providing Eligibility Criteria On Turbocharger Filter Silencer Design Processes
CFD-Based Study on Relationship between Cooling Performance of Pulsating Flow and Rib Height Mounted in Mini Rectangular Channel
Effects of Different Maturity Stages on the Quality of Purple Passion Fruit
Genome Comparative of Edwardsiella Reveals Potential Development of Sustainable Prophylaxes
Load Forecasting for Months of the Lunar New Year Holiday Using Standardized Load Profile and Support Vector Regression
Model Based Robot Calibration Technique with Consideration of Joint Compliance
Study on Seismic Behavior of Steel Beam-to-Column Panel Zones
Study on the Antioxidant, Antibacterial, and Cytotoxic Activities In Vitro of Root Extracts from Codonopsis Javanica in Kon Tum Province, Vietnam
Use of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Peanut Seed Treatment
Vibration-Based Energy Harvester for Sustainable Structural Health Monitoring System
Contextual Factors That Impact on Teacher’s Beliefs
Cultural Metaphors in American English and Vietnamese Shop Signs
Foreign Language Learning Strategies of Vietnamese and Indonesian Students
Group work in Vietnamese EFL classrooms: English-majored students’ perceptions
Dialogism and Native American Literature in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Gardens in the Dunes
Ecolinguistics and Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL): Transitivity in ‘Climate Change in Egypt’ by Ali Masria
The Awareness of the Faculty Members And Their Assistantsin Beni-Suef University towards The Aplications of Web 2.0
Application of experimental methods to teach science subject for primary students in Ho Chi Minh city
Applied educational research in upper secondary schools in Ho Chi Minh city
Cognitive psychology basis on the formation of mathematical symbols for preschoolers
Correlation between intellectual capacity and ability of mathematical learning of grades 8 and 9 in junior schools in Ho Chi Minh city
Entrepreneurship as an employment status of higher education graduates and implications for entrepreneurship education
Factors influencing lecturers’ attitude towards working at universities after retirement age
Interaction between learning to Read and Learn to write in elementary students
Interactive whiteboard as a means to enhance learners’ engagement in language learning
Job satisfaction of graduates based on the trained knowledge and soft skills
Primary school students’ difficulties in written math problems from the perspective of psychology
Steam-based principles and process of designing games for preschool children between 5 to 6 years old in Ho Chi Minh city
Tonkin free school in the early 20th century and some recommendations for the contemporary educational reform in Vietnam